Report on the research cruise by the Shinsei Maru – KS-16-18 & KS-17-1

The Shinsei Maru sailed the coast of the Tohoku region [...][...]

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Field surveys of Funauki Bay, Iriomote-jima: Internal waves and mesophotic coral ecosystems

During November 2016 and March 2017 we conducted field [...][...]

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Farewell Party for Dr. Yamada on 13, March

In the evening of March 13th , we held a farewell party [...][...]

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Attending the AORI-SIO Symposium for Building Strategic Partnership in San Diego

I presented a poster focusing bacterial regulation of g [...][...]

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Dr. Chia-Jung Lu Completed Her Doctoral Course in September 2016!

Chia-Jung Lu has completed her doctoral course and earn [...][...]

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Dr. Yamada has been awarded the Young Researcher Oral Presentation Award at the JOS!!

Dr. Yamada has been awarded the Young Researcher Oral P [...][...]

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My Research: Operation of Total Organic Carbon Analyzer – M1 Koh Kishinami

Hi, I am Koh Kishinami, a 1st grade student of master c [...][...]

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Attending the JOS 2016 Fall Meeting at Kagoshima University

I presented a poster focusing the distribution of gel p [...][...]

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Poster presentation @ the 26th Goldschmidt Conference

The 26th Goldschmidt Conference was held in Yokohama on [...][...]

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