Attending the 2015 AGU Fall Meeting in San Francisco (December 14-18 2015)

Attending the 2015 AGU Fall Meeting in San Francisco (December 14-18 2015)

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I presented a poster focusing on a new application of radiocarbon to studying the ecology of a marine macroalgae.

Undaria pinnatifida (wakame) growing along the Sanriku coast are exposed to exchanges between the Tsugaru warm current and Oyashio current during their growth period. We found that radiocarbon variability in the blades of macroalgae reflected Oyashio water intrusion events with lower radiocarbon values. This suggests the potential of radiocarbon approaches to understand the linkage between oceanic processes and kelp ecosystems.

Participation in the AGU meeting was highly beneficial to me. I received valuable feedback for the further development of my study and appreciate the need for English discussion skills.

(D1 N. Sato)


Poster presentation

Satoh N, Fukuda H, Miyairi Y, Yokoyama Y, Nagata T (2015) Blade-order-dependent radiocarbon variability in brown seaweed (Undaria pinnatifida) reflected a cold Oyashio water intrusion event in an embayment of the Sanriku coast, northeastern Japan. AGU Fall meeting, San Francisco USA, 14-18 December 2015. (Poster)


I happened to see a wild sea otter

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