Farwell Party for Dr.Sano was held on Sep. 12th

On September 12th  we held a farewell party for Dr. Masayoshi Sano who is leaving this group the end of this month.

Dr. Sano will be starting his new career at the National Institute of Polar Research from October.

Prof. Nagata and Dr. Sano

After a long time, members of the Marine Biogeochemistry Dynamics Group gathered, and it was very friendly meeting.

Professor Fukuda, who works at Otsuchi, also participated.

The obligation to wear masks due to COVID-19 has been relieved, and everyone enjoyed their conversation.

Dr. Sano likes drinking alcohol, so we presented him sake “Tansei” which is developed and sold at the University of Tokyo and a beer glass.

We wish Dr. Sano continued success in the future.

The Marine Biogeochemistry Group provides various types of interactions between researchers considering that the development of networking is very important.


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