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My Research: Operation of Total Organic Carbon Analyzer – M1 Koh Kishinami

Hi, I am Koh Kishinami, a 1st grade student of master course in this lab since this April. This is my first re [...][...]

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My Research : Production and dissolution of colloidal biogenic silica in the ocean – D2 Koji Kiyama

In the marine ecosystem, diatom, which utilize silicon essentially to construct their cell walls, are the most [...][...]

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My Research:Role of Viruses in the Dynamics and Functions of Marine Microbial Communities-Research Fellow Yanhui Yang

Microorganisms constitute more than 90% of the living biomass in the sea, and are a major force of the transfe [...][...]

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My Research:DOM in the Marine Environment – D3 Chia-Jung Lu

My research interests revolve around dissolved organic matter (DOM) in the marine environment including its so [...][...]

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My research: Bacterial Effects on the Sinking Speed of Marine Particles – Dr. Yosuke Yamada

I’m studying bacterial effects on the sinking speed of marine particles (suspended organic material, a few µm [...][...]

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My research: Fate of Bacterial Biomass and Influence on Non-living Organic Matter – Dr. Hiroyuki Takasu

Heterotrophic bacteria consume and transform a large fraction of marine primary production and exert a major i [...][...]

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