Poster presentation @ the 26th Goldschmidt Conference

Poster presentation @ the 26th Goldschmidt Conference

By In Meeting, REPORT On 2016-08-08

The 26th Goldschmidt Conference was held in Yokohama on 26th June to 1st July. Goldschmidt Conference is an international annual meeting for geochemistry and related fields.

On 29th June, I gave a poster presentation on the dynamics of dissolved organic nitrogen (DON) in Session 13c focusing on compound-specific isotope analysis of organic compounds and radiocarbon analysis. My poster presented the data of compound-specific nitrogen isotope analysis of amino acids in DON in the North Pacific Subtropical Gyre, showing that the main source of DON in the oligotrophic ocean is heterotrophic bacteria in both surface and mesopelagic depths. I also proposed a new hypothesis that nitrate is the main N source for DON in the surface oligotrophic ocean.


(Research Fellow – Yasu Yamaguchi)


Presented poster:

Heterotrophic Sources for Dissolved Organic Nitrogen in the Oligotrophic Ocean Indicated by Nitrogen Isotopic Analysis of Individual Amino Acids

Yamaguchi YT & McCarthy MD

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